MORSPACE Frame and Tile System

Winner of a “Best of NeoCon”, Designed for the cost-conscious buyer, MORSPACE frame and tile system offers all the features of a premium frame and tile systems at a price that falls below most monolithic systems.


The MORSPACE frame and tile system 2.7¨ finished frame is constructed of 16-gauge cold-rolled steel for optimal strength and rigidity. Stackable (and de-stackable) frames can be raised or lowered to accommodate changing requirements for visual and acoustical privacy.

Off modular design allows flexibility in workspace size, configuration and in locating worksurfaces and divider panels. Panel segments are constructed from 20-gauge steel to be distortion free and provide the industry’s highest STC (Sound Transmission Class) for a panel system.

Off-Modular Design

MORSPACE frame and tile system is both an on-modular and off-modular system. Components can be mounted vertically on one-inch centers on the uprights or laterally on the horizontal frame members using off modular brackets precision engineered to fit in the spaces between the tiles.

The horizontal frame design also simplifies moving elements into and throughout the building, reduces erection costs and reduces the number of framing components required. For example, only two horizontal assemblies plus two shared vertical uprights are required to support panel frames up to 6-feet wide. Frames can easily be added to or removed from runs without disturbing adjacent structures.

Power and Cable Management

MORSPACE frame and tile system offers 4-circuit, 8-wire power distribution available in 3 + 1, 2 + 2, or 3/3/2 configurations to accommodate almost any building power requirement. Power systems do not share channel space with voice and data systems. Plug-and-play cabling facilitates moves, adds and changes without disrupting the entire LAN, and conforms to cabling industry standards in open office designs.

Structural Frames

MORSPACE frame and tile system’s stackable, load-bearing panel frames can be used to build walls from 39 inches to 84 inches feet in height. Panel height can be increased without removing existing panel frames or disturbing power, voice and data cabling at the base.


MORSPACE frame and tile system offers numerous tile options to meet the needs of the modern workplace. Tile options include fabric, tackable and acoustical, embossed steel, painted steel, airflow, power and data, marker board, and clear, frosted, horizontal and square patterned glass. Tiles are also easily removable to allow access to the MORSPACE frame and tile system’s cable management pathways.

Ergonomic Worksurfaces

Thermoformed membrane technology produces one-piece curvilinear tops and edges in a seamless design. The cascade edge matches the forearm of the user, providing comfort while reducing fatigue.

Fabrics & Finishes

Surface Finishes

Thermofused Laminate

Solid Colors: White, Cream, Grey
Wood Grain Patterns: Light Maple, Dark Walnut, Cherry

PVC Edge Finishes

Solid Colors: White, Antique White, Fashion Grey, Ibis, Pepperdust, Black

Wood Grain Patterns: Kensington Maple, Wild Cherry, Windsor Mahogany


Wood Grain Patterns: Natural Maple, Shadow Walnut, Medium Cherry


Standard: White, Warm White, Stone, Grey, Medium Grey, Dusk, Black

Metallic: Metallic Silver

Panel Fabrics

True Textiles Grade 1 & 2

Bailey, Lido, Anchorage, Coastline, Spinel, Streetwise, Zirconia

True Textiles Grade 3 & 4

Crosstown, Hopscotch, Mingle, Drift, Groove, Lily Pad, Nitro, Tempest

Designtex Grade 3 & 4

Rowan, Ringlet, Cut To the Chase, Plateau, Bubble Wrap, DT Shimmer, Singing in the Rain

MAI SELECT™ Grade 1, 2, & 3

Impressions, Rainstorm, Swirl, Flare, Immersion, Shimmer

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